The wear and tear of life, old injuries and everyday stress can cause your vertebrae to lose their proper position and be a cause of numerous complaints including back, knee, leg and neck discomfort. AMCT combines the latest advances in orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic examination to seek out joint dysfunction and subluxation in the spinal column and extremities. It is based on a dynamic approach in which biomechanical  lesions are isolated through patient movements designed to identify the exact areas of dysfunction.

How Does It Work?

After examination identifies the location of your lesion your  Dr. Cathy  may  recommend  treatment  that includes  the  use  of  a  mechanical  instrument.  The Activator  Adjusting  Instrument  (AAI)  is  a  hand-held spring-loaded mallet that is designed to deliver safely a  preset  amount  of  force  precisely  to  correct  the lesion.  The  AAI  was  developed  in  the  US  to assist chiropractors in cases where more force is needed to effect an adjustment than can be delivered manually by thumb thrust. It was approved in 1984 in the US by the FDA for use in adjusting procedures.

The Treatment

Dr. Cathy will first take bio-mechanical measures of your gait and postural sway (the way you walk).  Marching  or  walking  in  place  may  reveal inconsistencies  between  the  pelvis  and  the  spine. Poor posture is one of the leading causes of joint and muscle  pain,  spinal  misalignment  and  subluxation. Dr Cathy will ask you to lie face down, fully clothed, on the examining table. She will check for apparent difference in leg length and by holding your feet in various prescribed ways will be able to note any slight  variations of hip position and spinal muscle tension. If any inequality or imbalance is found she will tap various points along your spine, either manually using the Specific Diversified Technique (SDT) or manually-assisted using also the AAI, depending on the degree of force required, or in cases  where rotation (twisting motion) is contraindicated.

What Are The Benefit

Each  patient  presents  different  symptoms.  In  most cases of chronic pain, treatment by SDT or AMCT will provide much-needed immediate relief. Slight residual sensitivity will dissipate within one hour of treatment. Dr Cathy will   advise   if   further   visits   are necessary  to  monitor  and  stabilize  your  condition. Monitoring will also reveal rapid improvement in other conditions  especially  if  accompanied  byauxiliary treatment   such   as   Homeopathic   Therapy. 

Results You Can Expect

You will experience immediate relief from a debilitating pain or other chronic condition which has been adversely affecting your health and quality of life. In addition  to  the  marked  improvement  in  your  health and wellbeing which will result, you will also experience a glow of confidence, a growth of positive outlook and an enhanced ability to participate in your work and social life